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The Hydraulic Hand Saw is used for cutting concrete usually anywhere between 4 inches thick to 12 inches thick. Anything thicker than 12 inches will probably require a Track Saw.

The smallest Hand Saw that we use is 20 inches in diameter. The 20 Inch Hand Saw will cut your average block wall which is 8 inches thick. We also carry the 24 inch and the 30 inch for the areas that require 10 to 12 inch thick cuts.

We have trained professional hydraulic Hand Saw Operators that are able to cut any wall openings, window openings or any kind of openings you need to make. Call us today.

Some Hand Sawing
Cutting a Slab in the Keys
Cutting Window Openings
Cutting Window Openings
Cutting a floor in a freezer
Cutting a Floor in a Freezer
Cutting a Slab in South Miami
Cutting a Slab In South Miami
Cutting a beam
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Cutting a door enlargement
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