These are Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Tools Do You Use For Concrete Cutting?

    We use commercial grade Hydraulic systems for Cutting Concrete. Including but not limited to, Handsaw, Chainsaw, Core Drilling, Wire Saw, Track Saw, Slab Saw and Chipping Hammers.

  • What Is Your Minimum Charge?

    Our minimum charge is between $400 to $450

  • What Is The Easiest Way To Get An Estimate?

    The easiest way to get an estimate is to Call Me 305 728-9335, but you can text me, WhatsApp MeEmail Me, direct message me through my website, or go to my contact page.

  • What Areas Do You Service?

    We provide service for our clients from West Palm to Ft Lauderdale and from Miami to the Florida Keys

  • Is There A Lot Of Dust?

    No. We only use wet saws and the water controls the dust. You can have some dust but usually dust is not a problem.

  • I Have A Small Job Can You Come Out?

    Yes, we have a minimum charge. Small jobs are ok.

  • Do You Work On The Weekends?

    Yes, we work Saturdays and Sundays as well.

  • Do You Work Night Shift?

    Yes, we work over night if needed.

  • Do You Service Residential?

    Yes, we service Residential, Commercial and Industrial. No job too small or too big, Call us today!

  • Do You Pour Driveways?

    Yes, we also Frame, Pour and Finish Concrete. We also Pour Back Trenches.

  • Do You Offer Same Day Service?

    Really depends on how busy we are, but usually we need a day of notice. If you really need it done today let me know and I’ll try to make it happen.

  • Do You Offer GPR Scanning?

    Yes, we offer GPR Scanning mostly for Slabs that may have Post Tension Cables or Electrical Conduits. It is also possible to Scan Walls.

  • Do You Offer Free Estimates?

    Yes we offer FREE Estimates. Someone in Sales can walk the site and provide you with a price if requested or needed at no charge.

  • Do You Have Insurance?

    Yes we are fully insured, we have Liability and Workers Comp.

  • Do You Haul The Debris?

    Yes we can haul the concrete off site. We have our own trailers for hauling the concrete if its a big job, but we can also haul small jobs. No problem.

  • Do You Accept Credit Cards?

    Yes we do, but we charge an extra 3% because that is what we get charged for the credit card processing fee.

  • Can You Pull Permits?

    Yes, we have CGC Capabilities and can pull permits if needed.

  • Can You Pour Back My Trench?

    Yes, we provide a pour back service. We can cut, remove and pour back your trench.