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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes We Do, We Can Make An Appointment For A Site Visit For Free And No Obligation.

Yes, We Only Cut Using Hydraulic Saws And Water Is Mandatory. ( But We Can Contain It )

We Work All Of South Florida Including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm and Monroe County. ( We Work in The Keys Too )

Depending On The Job Scope, Usually We Use Our Hydraulic Concrete Cutting Saws.

Yes We Can. We Can Cut, Remove And Haul Away The Debris If Needed.

Probably But We Do Not Recommend It. You Should Contact Us For All Your Concrete Cutting Needs.

We Can Go Deep, But To Give You An Idea, Our 20″ Saw Cuts 8″ Deep, Our 24″ Saw Cuts 10″ Deep And Our 30″ Cuts 12″ Deep.

Trimming Beams

Play Video about Trimming Beams